1st Annual Awards Show Categories
1st Annual Awards Show Categories

1st Annual Awards Show Categories

Here are the categories for our 1st Annual Award Show:

  1. ::: The Stories We Tell. :::
    Little white lies
    Video voiceover fun
    My take on Shakespeare
    Kitchen fables and other mishaps
  1. ::: Sounds Like :::
    Make up/Make over
    Toktik (costumes bonus)
    Lip-sync Nation
  1. ::: Fill in the Blank :::
    Honey I shrunk the _____
    Luke, I am your _____
    Animation Magic of _____
    I Can’t Believe It’s Not _____
  1. ::: Questions + Answers :::
    Are you going to finish that?
    You’re riding a what?
    Trick or treat?
    What accent is that?
  1. ::: As Seen on TV:::
    Weather report
    My So Called Life
    Floor is lava
    Sold! Best commercial ever

These are jumping off points. Make a video, where does it fit? These are inspiration. Can’t figure out where it fits, we’ll do it. No worries.!!!

Award Show Night we will vote LIVE to decide the winners of the categories. Once the tallies are in we will move on to the Best In Show awards where the winners of the 5 categories go head to head.

Don’t over think it. Have fun with it. Under 5 minute videos please. There will also be some other awards on hand *no spoilers*

Good Luck!