School Free Awards Show

School Free Awards Show

We are so excited to announce our 1st Annual School Free Video Awards Show.

School Free Award Show

——– And the Award goes to…. —–

(videos are listed in the same order they were shown at the 1st Annual SFP Video Award Show for Greatness and other things too.)

  1. Maime’s Cough Drop
  2. Wild Seed’s Frozen
  3. Autism PSA
  4. The Conqueror
  5. Loveless2
  6. That’s a Rap
  7. Household Angel Commercial
  8. Household Demon
  9. Christmas Tree Shopping
  10. Pub Crawl
  11. Weather Forecast
  12. I Believe


The School Free Players are hosting a video awards show for all self-directed learners. We want you to make a video, enter it into the video show. Think dressing up, red carpet, laughing at amazing videos made my clever young people and yes, trophies for the winners.

Who Can Enter a Video? 

Anyone who is a self-directed learner under 21 can enter! Actors and helpers can be any age (even pets and squirrels in the park!). You can enter 1 video per category (so up to 5 entries per person)

When is the event?

Sunday, January 26, 2024.

Where is the event?

7th Floor of the SEER building. 1033 N 2nd St 2nd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Frequently Asked Questions

(we will add to this as more questions get asked)

What do I do now?

Make a video! You can dub an annoying political speech, dance or lipsync, make a commercial, tell a story, ask a question in an artistic way, the sky is the limit as long as you can record it digitally. 

  • Films must be created during the open filming calendar (now through October 3) and may not be a reused film. However you may use old footage if you’re doing voice over etc. 

Who Can Participate?

Any self-directed learner who is less than 21. If you go to school now but you have been an unschooler/home schooler before, you’re still welcome! If you are reading this, you’re probably invited!

How Many Videos Can I Make/Be In?

Each person can submit one video per category- so Max of 5 submissions. But here’s the good news: you can act and help with as many as you want!

For example: Noah could make “Video A” and Rowan, Lily, and someone’s dog could all be in Noah’s video. Lily and Rowan could still make their own videos for the same category…and other categories too.

So Who Will Get Awards?

Definitely give credit of the work goes to the team responsible for the idea and execution of said idea. Shout-outs to the people who help. The person who submits the video will be the one to get the award.

How Long Should My Video Be?

Aim for 3 minutes.  Shorter is fine, no more than 5 minutes.

When Are Submissions Due?

All films must be submitted by December 31, 2023

I have more questions, who should I ask?

Reach out to Ry or Linnea. <<Ry @ SFP .ORG>>