School Free Players

About School Free Players

School Free Players have been performing theater since 2008. Our Mission continues to be one to empower youth, to offer creative outlet, and to build a strong human social network.

Our shows are late May-early June and late November or early December.

Our previous show was TV Land The Panto which we performed at Theater Exile December 2022. If you’re interested in being a part of our theater family please email us or fill out the contact form.

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What's Going On

Play On Play On!

Join us for our Spring Show! It's a two-night special at CEC's Community Arts Space Theater. In this whimsical play within a play, the play... Read More "Play On Play On!"

These New Writers

Growing up behind a screen to be educated by its wisdom left an indelible print(scar?) on many a susceptible mind and my eyes. Mother always... Read More "These New Writers"

1st Annual Awards Show Categories

Here are the categories for our 1st Annual Award Show: ::: The Stories We Tell. :::Little white liesVideo voiceover funMy take on ShakespeareKitchen fables and... Read More "1st Annual Awards Show Categories"


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Your generous donation goes a long way to bringing theater to young people across our community.

Thank you so much.

Clips & Trailers

Alice In Pantoland Fight Scene

Panto's really deserve a fight scene...with flamingos. It's just so, natural. Read More "Alice In Pantoland Fight Scene"

Clips show

This is a clip show retainer post. Enjoy! Read More "Clips show"

Show Dates

School Free Players have major performances twice a year.

Once in the spring, the weekend following Memorial Day, and a second show the first weekend of December.

If you’re interested in participating please reach out.